Welcome at Progressive Win

Welcome at Progressive Win

how to make more winnings?

The website where you can learn how to make more winnings playing online casino games. The aim is to inform you about jackpot games, as these are online casino games with the biggest prize pools. You will find out how they work and where you can play these games.
Once you have hit your first jackpot the aim is to continue your luck and a wager with just enough risk that you have a big chance of hitting it big, but not that much risk that you will lose it all.
The idea that I can win a big cash prize really motivates me and I can hardly contain my excitement if I see a massive jackpot grow even larger.

My biggest hit

My biggest hit was a ‘mere’ €1.1 million, yet, with that win I felt very much rewarded for my efforts. In my early twenties I used to play slot machines at the local gambling hall. Once I got into online gambling I started to go a lot less, as (most) gambling halls don’t do progressive jackpot slots and the pay-out ratio online is a lot higher than at the gambling hall.

Also, I have the tendency to fancy playing slot games at ‘weird’ hours and the gambling hall tend to be closed at those ‘weird’ hours. I also can enjoy the often much better graphics of online casino games at Leo Vegas than the shiny and often noisy slots in the gambling hall. With this website I would like to inform beginning players and players who have been gambling for a while, but don’t tend to play jackpot games.