Progressive Slot Games

Progressive Slot Games

Progressive Slot Games

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a well-known jackpot game developed by Microgaming. Its average payout lies around £3.8 million, which currently is a bit less than €5 million. Mega Moolah made a record payout on 7 September 2015 when one lucky winner hit the jackpot worth £11.3 million or €15 million.

On average the Mega Moolah jackpot gets hit every 57 days. Let yourself be transported to the African savanna, where you play wild animals on the reels. Win a bonus round and play the Mega Moolah jackpot wheel. While playing the wheel you can win one of the three progressive jackpots; Minor, Major and Mega and when you hit the Mega jackpot you win Mega Moolah.

Golden Sevens

Golden Sevens is an online slot game based on the classic fruit slot machine. This game has been developed by Novomatic and has an average payout of €3.3 million and on

average the Golden Seven jackpot gets hit every 167 days. At the moment of writing the Golden Sevens jackpot is standing at record high as €6 million is up for grabs at this classic slot game.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a well-designed jackpot game developed by Netent, where you play luxurious items on the reels as practice for the millionaire’s lifestyle you will lead once you hit the jackpot. Mega Fortune has three progressive jackpots; the Rapid, Major and Mega jackpot. Indulge with Mega Fortune in the lifestyle of the rich. Mega Fortune has an average payout of €4 million and on average the Mega Fortune jackpot gets hit every 69 days. The biggest day in Mega Fortune history was 20 January 2013 when one lucky winner hit the jackpot worth no less than €18 million.

Mega Fortune Dreams, as the name implies, is the dreamier sister of Mega Fortune. Mega Fortune Dreams takes you to a 5-star lounge on a tropical island where you’ve just arrived with your yacht. Mega Fortune Dreams is a relatively new jackpot game and has only been hit twice; in November 2015 when one lucky winner scooped up €4.5 million and January 2016 when the Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot was hit for €3.4 million.

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights, like Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams has also been developed by Netent. As you can tell from the name, this jackpot slot game tells the tales of the literary classic Arabian Nights. This game has an average payout of €1 million and gets hit on average every 116 days. Arabian Nights had its biggest payout on 3 march 2014 when the jackpot was hit for €3.3 million.

Jolly Fruits

Jolly Fruits is a very straightforward fruit slot machine with a very juicy jackpot. On average it pays out €1.5 million every 5 days. Jolly Fruits has been develop by Novomatic and although the design and the graphics of this slot game are nothing special, the chance of a decent win every 5 days on average makes this a very attractive jackpot slot game.

Beach Life

Beach Life is a brightly coloured jackpot game developed by Playtech. Play Beach Life and everything associated with a day at the beach, like bright sunshine, ice cream, and sun bathers will appear on the reels. This jackpot slot game pays out on average €2.5 million every 176 days. A big hit for this jackpot game was on 2 July 2015 when one lucky winner scooped up €6 million.

Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods is another jackpot game developed by Netent. This slot game tells you the stories of the gods of Norse mythology and while Nordic gods and mythological items hit the reels you can hit the jackpot, which pays out on average €5 million every 147 days. The year 2015 was a very good year for this game as the jackpot was hit three times of which twice for more than €7 million. On 19 April of that year the jackpot was hit for €7.8 million and 8 months later the Hall of Gods jackpot was hit again for €7.5 million.