What is a jackpot?

What is a jackpot?

A jackpot is a prize pool of a gaming machine.

In most cases these gaming machines are slots. This prize pool can have a fixed amount, but jackpots are far more interesting when they are progressive.
This means that every time a player wagers on a jackpot game, a percentage of his or her wager will be added to the prize pool. This means that this prize pool is increasing constantly until it is won. In a brick-and-mortar casino only a (very) small fraction of the gaming machines with a jackpot are progressive.
However, if you gamble online, you have a great amount of choice of jackpot games and almost all of them will be progressive. Online casinos make a difference between local and network jackpot games. At local jackpot games your wagers at the particular casino you’re playing at count towards the prize pool at that particular casino.

Locat Jackpot

This means that if the jackpot of a local jackpot game is won at one particular casino, you can still win the jackpot at the same game at another online casino, assuming the game is available at different casinos. With network jackpot games all wagers across all casinos where the particular jackpot game is available contribute towards the prize pool and when the jackpot is hit, it is hit across all participating casinos.

You can imagine that a network jackpot game that is available across many casinos can build up a big prize pool of several millions. Offering a game with a progressive jackpot is a great way for online casinos to attract players who can fulfil their dream of become a (multi-) millionaire.

Jackpot games, especially if these games are progressive network games, are the showpieces of many online casinos. Besides fun and well-designed games players want to have the idea that all those fun games could make them rich. A jackpot game can turn that dream into reality and since both players as well as online casinos are aware of this, jackpots are getting bigger and better.

There are several game developers who have made jackpot games where you can win prizes worth several million dollars.